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WOW, fine artwork! ..  Your art is striking and soulful.......wonderful! Welcome and i shall be back to see more..........  Excellent art, I'm impressed! Best, Matte. Fantastic!Wish you the best succes!!!!... I LOVE YOUR WORK...YOU ARE VERY TALENTED...YOU HAVE QUITE THE EYE WITH COLOR..ITS INSPIRATIONAL....YOUR THE TYPE OF ARTIST I WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH SIDE BY SIDE IN THE STUDIO...YOUR WORK IS ON ITS OWN LEVEL...KEEP UP THE WORK...HAHA...I BET YOU FEEL SO GOOD AFTER READING THIS COMMENT... 


Wow they must have taken for ever to create!!! . Hi! I am impressed! very fantastic artwork! all the best . Dakini Your work is superb! I really enjoy your mosaics and your self portrait is awesome. Steve.. How intresting !!!! Very different and impressive work. My favorite is 'The hippopotamus.. Absolutely incredible and amazing, a dear friend from years ago did mosaics i admire the art for very much, all the best you are incredible creator.. "The leopard"...


wow !!!!!!such a beauty!!.... I love your Bull Finches, Nudes, landscapes, actually everything. Best wishes, YSR..  Stunning mosaics - clever stuff! your work is just amazing, man!!!... Hello,welcome .Your mosaics are fascinating.. Eds.  Your work is just exquisite. I love it!... Nice mosaics, looking forward in seeing more. You must have patience of a saint. I could never do that type of work, my attention span isn't that long


WOW! Stunning intricate works :o)  It's hard for me to prefer one of your pieces over the others. They are all masterfully done. For my own collection I would choose "Aromas of Love" as I like the figurative genre myself. THank you for sharing. Robbie. Tears of Baltic. Definitely and unquestionably. Great work, Enamel!! Wonderful work! Your work is really great. You have alot of talent!... You´ve really chosen the hard way of doing art - enamel. Words are not enough to say how good art you do. Artists as great as you, can be "developed" only in Russia. The humor of Moscow "taking over" Paris and New York - is it Putin´s strategy? Do we need to be afraid? STUNNING! Your work is just incredible! It was an amazing adventure going through your gallery! The 3-d pieces are simply breathtaking! All of your works are candy for the eys - What wonderful pieces - look forward to seeing more. Best ~ Bonnie G. Morrow Some excellent and interesting pieces of work here Andrey, well done!!... Thank you for inviting me to your wonderful gallery. Your mosaics are stunning, I like the vibrant colours and the sense of detail in each piece. Especially the portraits. And I like the Antonio Banderas mosaic creation!  'The Unknown Soldier' is my favourite piece. .. Very interesting work of mosaic.... Welcome to the art jungle maestro, greetings Hendrick.  wonderful mosaics!!! beautiful work!!!... I like your work very much....


Wow! May Hi Andrey, You do very excellent mosaics. Lovely works, keep it up manohar "New York - the Big Apple" is my favorite. What you do is not easy but has quite a potential for real art-making as you paintakingly control and resize the brass strips covered with multicolored enamel incorporated with your artwork. I await more of your originals coming directly from your intuitive and creative mind, tnx4sharin' ~~~>:) Glenn of course! i absolutely love your work, it's marvelous and powerful!...  Exquisite artwork! I doubt I've ever seen better mosaics by a living artist. I was also a Police officer, but never once painted while in the force (12 years). It is good to express oneself now in art. Regards, Leon  Your works BLOW me AWAY ,thank you for the invite I'm pleased that you asked for a comment of your work. It is outstanding, of exceptional and highest caliber. You are one of the most brilliant artist on this site. As I study "Mosaic travel over St. Petersburg", my mind is blown away. All of the forethought, design details and labor. The assimilation and contrast of enamels to get the correct color balance. All of the surrealism, The sky is full of prophecy and 2nd coming. You are a master my friend and your work will outlive us both Oh wow, it's been some time since I last saw mosaic work of this level- great works! :) ~Julia INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! Truly amazing mosaics. Your work is fantastic Your work is incredible, Andrey.


Wow, what a barin buster! LOVE ALL YOUR WORK, I HAVE SEEN TILE WORK BUT NEVER LIKE THIS, TRULY ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE. Your artwork is AMAZING. Very cool. Love the Banderas and the Leopard. Hello Andrey. Your work is amazing, very outstanding unique mosaics, your Hippotomus is wonderful and the Leopard and Birches stunning works of art! Blumoon Oh my god, these are the best mosaics I have ever seen!! You are seriously talented! Clare Truly amazing mosaics.. glad to make your aquaintance, Arabarron Hi love your work very intrigate x   Aromas of love is beautiful! It inspires me. Enamelroom, Amazing mosaics!,Lenka Hi! I really enjoyed looking through your gallery, your mosaics are fantastic, especially the Leopard one Hi, your mosaics are exquisite, I especially like your hippo! Really wonderful! Toni Inspiring work, if I had 11.800 euros I would buy "Tears of Baltic", looks great.


Wow! What talent you have! Your work is brilliant! Amazing.....beautiful...no comparison.... Iranians mosaicers would envy you.... respect. Incredibly beautiful and unique artwork!... your work is beautiful!I can really appreciate the time and effort it must take to complete just one work. Beautiful work! Very impressive. The vision of a mosaic artist is admirable! You are a master of the genre!... hey,, you have really wonderful mosaic work,, I liked Bruce willis too much,, looks very real.... :)  . This is amazing. I love it. Would transparent pieces lighted from behind the work be possible, like stained glass. Bill ~ Andrey, your art is stunning! That new technique of yours is awesome. You create incredibly beautiful mosaics!... Very nice work and beuatiful colours. Andrey, the enamel mosaics are very wonderful and unique, I was interested to see the nudes, as this is one of my favourite subjects. Mary Wonderful and Oh My what tedious creativity. love the hippo must take you forever to make?... Dear Andrey , think your mosaic-pictures are very beatiful and original. spring-smiles from Mikala Lykke. These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! What skills. THanks for the invite!!!!! VeRY VeRY Creative!!!!... Hi Andrey , your mosaic are incredibly creative and beautibul!!! great work!! i wish you the best. These are incredibly detailed and beautiful to behold. How long does it take to complete a work on average?.... You've very nice and good works. Kobi.


Wow! Your work is incredible!!!....  Hello, I loved your enamel pictures, you are very talented, they must have taken you hours and hours of painstaking work. Best wishes, Sue   I will have to start looking for waste tiles and ceramics when I am out around town. I've been thinking about doing something on my bathroom wall so maybe I should start there? I hope you are enjoying your Easter weekend?   Really nice work Hi there, love your work! The detail is amazing I especially love the "Leopard" and the Hippo. Stunning work. Extraordinary work! I have ultimate respect for anyone who has the patience and skill to achieve such precision and beauty in your chosen medium. Really great stuff.


Wow your work is beautiful really stunning, love the sculptures amazing stuff, Aromas of love is nice to, also Valtz is great, and so is extremal muse and tears of Baltic, is that amber? it brings a real tangerbal quality to this work, have a nice weekend :)    What clever work!! I knew it was Antonio Banderas before I saw the title. Regards Susan I think your works are quite fascinating and remind me of Pompeii.   I love your work, it is so detailed--must take you ages to do!!! Diane Oh my gosh! I love, love LOVE your medium! Excellent themes. The Getty museum here in LA houses some fine pieces of mosaic art, and I am just bowled over by them. I'm so glad this is your chosen medium. Your work is wonderful.  


Very beautiful work , looks very complicated and thoughtfull , i am very impress Very interesting work !! I like your mosaics Very impressive work Thank you. I have recently viewed your website and found numerous pieces of excellence not shown on this site. I'am amazed and impressed at the skill and patience of you manipulating such small pieces and creating beautiful objects of color. Congratulations on the patent as well. I look forward to hearing about any upcoming exhibitions. I have reviewed your work and really enjoyed how your mosaic pieces are made and the extra elemnts you add to the specific context. Especially I liked the New York -Big Apple You must have a greeat eye for such small details and your use of color is excellent. Thank you for bringing this work to my attention. Let me know how things are going from time to time, I would appreciate it. Thanks


Wow your art work is stunning. You are bless with talent. Peace & love , Mildred    Amazing mosaic work! I love "Ladybird" and "New York-The Big Apple". Thanks for stopping by! Vickie   Enamelroom, your work is superb. It is so detailed and intricate. I am very impressed. Santimar Hello Andrey, I have just looked at your enamelling work and I find it to be most excellent. I love your self portrait, it is especially beautiful! I have often thought about trying a mosaic and your art has inspired me to have a go soon. We have had lovely sunny weather here in the UK for the past three days. I've been walking on the beach today. I look forward to seeing your new mosaic xx Please keep in contact, David x I find your work very unique. Great style. .. Fantastic work, Your mosaics are beautiful Irene A very creative and unique gallery, "Reading" is my favorite WOW!!! Your art is amazing and unique. I love it. Thanks for your message and greetings from Spain. 


Wow perhaps it is my orthodox catholic background, but I particularly like the icon works. I think you are a very gifted artist to be able to use tiny objects to create mosaics and you must have the patience of a saint! Happy Easter Olga Krause Absolutely stunning - do you start with a drawing? what is the process? - thanks for sharing WONDERFUL MOSAIC WORKS....  Could you please refine you query about mosaic??sure i can answer you.sincerely,srinath Hello Enamel, what a talented artist you are, thanks for sharing  Hi,your work is great . Would love to work with you :) Cheers Hani . I've looked at your work, and I am amazed by the clarity and detail in your mosaics. You have some very beautiful work. Your mosiacs are gorgeous!!!so detailed,and warm...  I LOVE your work...I would love to do mosaics, can't seem to find the tiles here. They are absoulutely beautiful...  HELLO, WELCOME, WHICH BEAMS IS REALLY DIFFICULT AND ARTISTIC. Nice work with tiles. ..


WOW!Exelent work!! congratulations!! Andrey, your work is excellent! I love all your pieces. And you must be a very patient man to be able to do such intricate art Andrey,. I must say I have looked through your work and it is extraordinary! I love the "Princess Swan". She is beautiful Thx  u seem to have a lot of patience in your artworks! good luck with everything you do  I think your artwork is very beautiful and that you are very talented. Each piece you can see has been given so much care attention and time, your work really is something special. Have a great day! Ruth. Hello - Love your style Hello, I am really impressed, what you make with mosaic. Andrey....this work is so beautiful....thank you for sharing it with me....your friend ted Thank you for introducing me to your work. It's quite different and beautiful. I love the Moscow-New York piece. I was bron in Niagara Falls, New york and my grandmother came from Italy to Ellis Island. Very glad to meet you! Annamarie Thank you for the invite exquisite pieces of work Awesome work and magnificent detail. Great!!!! stuff   Welcome in this fabulous world of art :))   I love your work! Especially, the Avilov's portrait. Btw, did he get a chnc to see his portrait? PS how much does it take you to make one?... Beautiful work. Amazing. Awesome work !!! It must take you ages !!!! cheers Donna :)  .


Wow, that's such a great work. I  assume you must have a lot of patience to do it. Well done! Love your beautiful works Andrey.. simply excellent! Enamel, I liked very much your work, actually my last drawing is based in Points on ink and it's similar to your ones but in very small dimenssion of each part. My thinking is that each point have their own strength and all together makes images that we can see beside their own individual partial content. Regards. Gabriel Exquisite works, love them all, beautiful detail! Well Done!... Beautiful, full of life. I love Bullfinches. I have always been fascinated by mosaic work anf have tried a few mainly with the use of glass. God Bless!...


WOW! - fantastic - thanks for the reply (I'll stick to digital & a crylic- LOL)   Very beautiful work!...I love all of the pieces. Bruce Willis is also great!. Hugo I love your work it is amaizing it is great...I will love it  Exceptional. no understand how you do that. Felicitationes You work is amazing I like it very much Bruce willis is the man! yur stuff is great- lots of patience! love the globes.... Man, I liked a lot your work, you are very talent,thanks for sharing. Tuely astonishing work you have the talent Wonderful work! So intricate. Thank-you for sharing!... i like your bold rhythm Very nice work, captivating and alluring. It stands out Your mosaics are so beautiful. These must take very long to do.' JJW I like it it looks very good and adds to the quality of the car absolutely. I'd like to see the interiors of cars and yatchs when you do them!...that should be awesome. Hugo Your work is amazing my friend. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to respond. I take long breaks from the world sometimes.  ps...your work is amazing. I am honored to have met you!... Your works are so beautiful, I can't beleive such amazing art made from the mosaics,great job!thanks for sharing!... Hello, Andrey! Nice to meet with co-patriot from Russia. I had live in England maybe more that 8 years.` I glad, that you wrote to me, maybe we can be useful one to ether. I hope to hear from you soon. All the best Victoria Tkalenko-Payne Wonderful works, the best is the "Bullfinchs" i think, but the other are wonderful and professional! Agnes Hey there,nice work:) Wow, your work is beautiful! Incredible mosaics, I like them a lot, I want to have them all. Congratulations: of the best things seen here :)  Hi Andrey! Don't you remember to Eva Bodonyi from Stroganov? We learned in Moscow at same time, from 1979-80, me on Surikov. Good Luck!! Gabor Hi Andrey. Your jobs are clamorous, and show as it's possible create actual artworks with an ancient technique. Compliments. such attention to detail, it's great!... your mosaics are awsome to say the least,i have always wanted to get into doing mosaics,dut the time and money is not there....rezo Hi, your enamel mosaics are superb. Thank you for getting in touch. Hel


Wow !Absolutely Awesome! Stunning work and designs. Your work is really fantastic, especially the portraits. Hello Andrey...It's very,very beautyfull what you make..Bye ,LiaD .. Hi! welcome. Your art is very strong and have a great presence.I like so much. Keep contact. Jcarraz. .. Very talent. Congratulations!... I understand you Enamel. What does all this really prove? and who is actually watching with interest, as you suggest?. I don't know, but it's fun communicating, as we are now. Leon Hi...thank you and your mosaics are amazing!... Hello I was sure I had written to you. There is only one word for your work 'Stunning!' very clever and and beautiful too. Way back in 1970 a fellow showed a work in mosaic which was made with egg shell; once again your work is very impressive and excellent! My very best regards Anthony. I admire the skills and craft involved. I've only done a little bit of enamelling, but was once an avid collector of enamel advertising badges from the 1930s (especially the Miller factory in Birmingham UK). the girl's face is here is especially good, because the highlights on the forehead are further enhanced by the slightly scale of the brass pieces, and not just the lighter tone. Little details like this are often not fully appreciated. great ,fantastic art!! hard pressed to pick a fav when I enjoy all your works I have seen your amazing work...... what a fabulous technique for creating all sorts of subjects...... it's very appealing. Thanks for showing. Pauline  Beautiful art,greetings Anita !!!... Hello. I love The complete set: "KARELIYA", very very nice work. Nora What wonderful creations, I wander sometimes how people connect their skills to this thousands of points.Icredible.Melania me know nothing about enamel or mosaic but i like 'aroma of love' and 'city of neva.mosaic travel to st.petersburg'. sooo...u r the author of the enamel room? what does it look like? prolly something like the amber room? best wishes, fanny. Hi friend I love your artwork I took sometime to view your artwork and it is beautiful the way you pick your colors its great. as you know I am new and looking for new ways to express my self and I wold love to learn your work any ideas of were to start here in california??? best wishes. Agustin. .. I saw your wonderful art work. I like the crosses and the Jesus Christ themes. Reminds me of some the mosaics i saw in my one month trip to Turkey and some of fond memories in Mexico I would be glad to be acquaint with mosaic (not too sure whats that does means though, but that sounds interesting!). I am a big fan of mosaic, such a fabulous medium, and you use it real well!... What a surprise, I never saw something like it, great art


WOW!! Breath-taking, I really enjoy your style especially the string of pearls flowing from the oyster..Stunning to say the least.. Amazing work! Very unique! whoa these are beautiful!... Congratulations on the beautiful work, technically and creatively wonderful I love your mosaics! Greetings! Cecilia Andy, your work is nice, and I can know it, I am living in Egypt where mosaic is that common Really wonderful and unusual works. Modern art mixed with ancient technique - and result is amazing. Hello enamel, thank you very much for you message, you work is really superb that it patience , splendid friendship dany your work is wonderful. Ccclem You do beautiful work. It is an art that is not seen often enough. Thank you for your comments,Andrey. Edgard Congratulations on the beautiful work, technically and creatively wonderful


Wow !!! Gorgeous work.... especially the jewellery !!! Les xx Hi, thanks for the request, creative work, excellent. Hi Andrey, I have looked at your portfolio and it is really stunning. I enjoy your work very much. I hope to see more of it as it is a real pleasure to see. I hope that i hear from you soon. Take care, Ian. Your Mosaics are just breathtaking! I can't even decide which one I love the most! Thank you for your kind comments on my watercolors. .. Your work is superb! All those tiny peices must be difficult to work with. Love your portraits! You are even able to capture their raw emotions! Thanks too for inviting me!...


Wow - your work is really amazing ! Im not found words for your work art ... Sublime You do amazing work Andrey, it's wonderfully innovative. Can't wait to see more,Carmel Your moasics are gorgeous!... Oh you are really a great artist! It`s wonderfull what you are creating with thouse little "stones". I love three of your treasures very, very much: tears of Baltic the most, then Valtz and Aromas of love. my very great compliment to you! anne marie Enamelroom, your work is superb. It is so detailed and intricate. I am very impressed. Santimar Hello Andrey, I have just looked at your enamelling work and I find it to be most excellent. I love your self portrait, it is especially beautiful! I have often thought about trying a mosaic and your art has inspired me to have a go soon. Please keep in contact, David x I find your work very unique. Great style. I have reviewed your work and really enjoyed how your mosaic pieces are made and the extra elemnts you add to the specific context. Especially I liked the New York -Big Apple You must have a greeat eye for such small details and your use of color is excellent. Thank you for bringing this work to my attention. Let me know how things are going from time to time, I would appreciate it. Thanks   


Wow your art work is stunning. You are bless with talent. Peace & love , Mildred Amazing mosaic work! I love "Ladybird" and "New York-The Big Apple". Thanks for stopping by! Vickie Don't worry and thank you for your concern. I see that I am in your friends section after all. Your Russian culture has some interesting aspects.Fitness has been an interest of mine for sometime as well as art and Russia has a strong physical culture. Many fitness practioners have included Russian inspired methods in their training here in the U.S. Dear Andrei, I really appreciate your work. I would love to work with you or see if we can do an exhibition together in London or Moscow? I ve been in Mow two times, it is a great city full of spirit and inspiration. I look forward to hear from you. Hani :) www.myspace.com/hany ...






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